Welcome to Dr. Patel's Cardiology website. Please Click on the Malpractice Tab above to access the Win Win Medical Malpractice section and the Second Opinion Tab for the Second Opinion section. Contact Tab will take you to the Contact Page. Dr. Patel is a Cardiologist with 48 wonderful years of experience. Another focal point of his practice is Medical Malpractice.  He has a legal degree, Doctor of Law (JD) from Law school and multiple medical degrees after he successfully completed and passed the Law College Examinations and U.S. American Cardiology Board Examination.  After a prestigious education and a vast area of experience, he can provide an array of legal services, after reviewing the complete medical charts/records. One of which is giving medical opinion in legal format, by the legal knowledge application, using Medical/Cardiology knowledge and a vast Medico-Legal experience. He can really help you build a stronger case to settle or win, with the advantage of becoming a winner. Contact Telephone 925-325-7255.